The museums


(Collection of Classical Antiquities)

Face to face with antiquity: collection of Greek vases as well as casts of important Roman and Greek sculptures unique to Schleswig-Holstein.


From Baltic Sea herring to tropical seahorse: local and exotic sea creatures presented in aquariums that simulate their natural habitats, outdoor seal pool and public feeding of the seals.

Aquarium GEOMAR

Kunsthalle zu Kiel

(Museum of Fine Arts)

Art from the Dürer era through to the present day: permanent collection spanning all artistic genres, including works by Repin, Nolde and Richter, as well as special exhibitions on specific topics and artists.

Kunsthalle zu Kiel

Medizin- & Pharmaziehistorische Sammlung

(Museum of Medical & Pharmaceutical History)

Insight into the history of medicine and pharmaceuticals: exhibition of historic instruments, collection of pathology specimens, interior of an old pharmacy and a doctor’s office.

Medizin- & Pharmaziehistorischen Sammlung

Stadtgalerie Kiel

(Kiel Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Arts)

New contemporary art: exhibitions of regional and international contemporary art, art from the Baltic Sea region, permanent exhibition of the works of the Expressionist artist Heinrich Ehmsen.

Stadtgalerie Kiel

Schifffahrtsmuseum Fischhalle

(City and Maritime Museum)

Kieler Stadt- und Schifffahrtsmuseum

In the former fish auction hall, built in 1910: permanent exhibition on Kiel’s maritime history, pier with historic ships.


Stadtmuseum Warleberger Hof

(City and Maritime Museum)

Traces of Kiel history: permanent exhibition on the early history of the city and exhibitions on social and cultural history.

Warlebeger Hof

Zoologisches Museum

(Zoological Museum Kiel)

Experience marine and evolutionary research at first hand: exciting display on the subject of marine science and research, Germany’s most extensive exhibition of whale species, presentation of the origins of zoology in Kiel.

Zoologischen Museum